Review F: NFT Marketing for NFT Project

The Review:

We are very dissatisfied with the services provided by marketing agency TokenMinds in Singapore. After our first contact we went with them as the experts in the field of NFT marketing, or at least that's the feeling they gave us. We have been guided and things have been promised to us. During the journey we occasionally had ambiguities about what would and what would not be included in the agreed price of the service. We were confronted with extra costs, while an all-in price had been agreed very clearly in advance. The entire NFT sale ended in a fiasco for us. On the advice and guidance of account manager Anchor Chan, we had to adjust our planning several times. Ultimately, he indicated that at some point it was time to start selling on the Opensea platform and that he expected that at least 400 NFTs would be sold. Then it is all the more astonishing that nothing was sold at all. If it had been 100 or 50 we could still say that the campaign was disappointing, now we wonder to what extent Tokenminds can set up a professional campaign. The Dutch director Rob Eijgenraam pulls his hands off everything. We have asked him to refund the fee but he has refused. 

Jan Kramer (Bolitolab)

My Analysis:

The review from Jan Kramer of Bolitolab accuses TokenMinds of not being a good agency. However, it's important to consider some key points to get a clearer picture. The client mentions confusion about pricing and unexpected additional costs, which should have been addressed transparently. They also expressed disappointment as their NFT sale didn't go as expected, despite guidance from an account manager. While the client requested a fee refund, it was refused. It's essential to gather more information and understand the full context before making conclusions about TokenMinds' reputation. 

It's important to emphasize the significance of clear and transparent communication from both parties to avoid misunderstandings and resolve any ambiguities. Moreover, it's worth noting that the success of an NFT sale can be influenced by external factors which might be beyond TokenMinds' control. Therefore, when evaluating TokenMinds' efforts, it is essential to consider these external factors. Regarding the request for a fee refund, it is also crucial to review the terms and conditions of the agreement and determine if any guarantees were made regarding the NFT sale's outcome.

TokenMinds Reply:

“We appreciate Jan Kramer for sharing their experience, and we understand their dissatisfaction. However, we want to address some important points to provide a clearer perspective. We always aim to provide high-quality services and maintain clear communication. Regarding pricing concerns, we strive for transparency and are willing to discuss misunderstandings to find a resolution. External factors beyond our control, such as market conditions and audience preferences, influence an NFT sale's success. While we regret any disappointment, it's important to acknowledge the uncertainties in the industry. Regarding the fee refund request, we adhere to the agreed-upon terms and conditions but are open to discussing a fair resolution. We value feedback from all our clients and are committed to constructively addressing their concerns.” The TokenMinds Team

Final Words:

While concerns were raised about TokenMinds of not being a good agency, it is important to take a balanced view. The client expressed dissatisfaction with pricing ambiguities, unexpected costs, and a disappointing NFT sale outcome. However, readers should also acknowledge TokenMinds' commitment to high-quality services and transparent communication. Considering the challenges in the NFT marketing industry, gathering more information and engaging in open dialogue is crucial to forming a fair opinion. By taking a balanced approach and considering both sides, readers can understand TokenMinds' performance comprehensively. Open communication and a fair assessment are key in evaluating TokenMinds' efforts. Further research and seeking additional perspectives is crucial before reaching a final judgement.