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Welcome to another edition of our tech spotlight, where today we'll have a friendly little chat about TokenMinds, a handy guide for anyone trying to wrap their head around the complex world of web3. Picture a team who aren't all about overwhelming technical lingo but are friendly, down-to-earth experts with a gift for making tricky stuff seem less daunting.

TokenMinds is filled with people who, simply put, know their way around blockchain tech and decentralized digital assets. From the drawing board to developing and finally launching blockchain-based apps and digital assets, these folks can customize their services to your specific necessity. Sounds useful, right?

Yet you shouldn't rely just on my word. I've done my homework, in touch with those who've worked directly with TokenMinds. So, let's move away from the techy jargon and get some real-life scoop from those who've walked the walk with TokenMinds. I've managed to touch base with some of their clients, and let me tell you, their experiences are quite the story.

TokenMins Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials: Projects Feedback and Results

TokenMinds Review A


Review A: NFT Marketing and Smart Contract Development

“We're impressed with their content creation skills.”

PurpleMindz’s (TokenMinds) efforts are successful and have increased the client's followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. They display top-notch project management through regular meetings and constant updates. Overall, their creativity and PR expertise are impressive.

Client A (Anonymous)

TokenMinds Review B


Review B: Crypto IDO Search & Social Media Marketing

“Their team was very easy to communicate with and responds quickly.”

The company has gained over 20,000 new members joining their project, thanks to PurpleMindz's (TokenMinds) efforts. The team's workflow has been seamless, and their members have been truly responsive. They're also flexible with any necessary adjustments to the project, always accommodating changes with ease.

Client B (Anonymous)

TokenMinds Review C


Review C: Crypto Content & Social Media Marketing

“They are covering 360 degrees — full cycle of our crypto marketing needs.”

TokenMinds was successful in using an airdrop campaign, which resulted in over 12,000 additional users in under 48 hours. Daily social media posts were also effective in updating the community. The client appreciated how they realistically communicated the plans and strategies for the project.

Client C (Anonymous)

TokenMinds Review D


Review D: Software Development

“They delivered on the services we purchased.” 

Since they engaged with PurpleMindz, the client has seen growth in their social media, organic members, and investors. The team consistently delivered on time, and the client was impressed with their ability to support various needs. Overall, the client was satisfied with the engagement.

Client D (Anonymous)

TokenMinds Review E


Review E: Social Media Marketing for Adult-Oriented Platform Project

They need to learn to listen and respect their clients' wishes.” 

Despite the weekly meetings, the work was delayed. The team tried delivering copied work from similar projects.

Lorilee Fedler (Co-Founder of an Adult-Oriented Platform)

Review F: NFT Marketing for NFT Project

"We are very dissatisfied with the services provided by marketing agency TokenMinds in Singapore. After our first contact we went with them as the experts in the field of NFT marketing, or at least that's the feeling they gave us. We have been guided and things have been promised to us. During the journey we occasionally had ambiguities about what would and what would not be included in the agreed price of the service. We were confronted with extra costs, while an all-in price had been agreed very clearly in advance. The entire NFT sale ended in a fiasco for us. On the advice and guidance of account manager Anchor Chan, we had to adjust our planning several times. Ultimately, he indicated that at some point it was time to start selling on the Opensea platform and that he expected that at least 400 NFTs would be sold. Then it is all the more astonishing that nothing was sold at all. If it had been 100 or 50 we could still say that the campaign was disappointing, now we wonder to what extent Tokenminds can set up a professional campaign. The Dutch director Rob Eijgenraam pulls his hands off everything. We have asked him to refund the fee but he has refused." 

Jan Kramer (Bolitolab)

Review G: Community Management and NFT Pricing Strategy

“Working with TokenMinds was nice” 

Experience working with TokenMinds was nice in general. There were a 6 ppl team allocated for our project. They managed our community and social media really very well with good amount of engagements. Thanks to Kenneth, we kept running different community events to keep the hype on til the NFT sale. We encounter problem with the complains from community the price for NFT set too high and decided to decrease like 20% and sold around 70% finally. Not so ideal but we understand this totally since this market bearish.

S Wangg

Review H: NFT Promotion and Community Growth

“TokenMinds helped us very well in promoting our NFT” 

TokenMinds helped us very well in promoting our NFT. We enjoyed working together with their team. Anchor is the main contact person and is a pleasant and knowledgeable person to work with. Most things went smooth, we were in frequent touch with each other (also with other people in their team), our community grew as expected with qualitative people and the airdrop was a success.

Samir A

TokenMinds Review Neo Nomad


NeoNomad Finance: Crypto Campaign

"Shout out to @token_minds for a great campaign! If you want to collaborate with them, reach out to them on TG > They are absolute💎💎💎"

NeoNomad Finance (@NeonomadFinance)

TokenMinds Review Lucky Fury


Lucky Fury: NFT Marketing Tactics

"We wanted to thank @token_minds for their great work! They helped us become a very fast growing project with their PR strategy and influencer marketing 🚀"

Lucky Fury (@luckyfury_)

TokenMinds Review OnPlanet


onPlanet: Crypto PR Strategies

"Big thank you to our PR partners @token_minds!👏 An amazing job utilizing digital & print media & top influencers - to broadcast the #onPlanet brand & ideas across all crypto outlets & platforms. Together, we are building a strong community.💪"

onPlanet (@onPlanetIO) 

What Clients Said About TokenMinds

A Recommended Choice for Good Results

So, here's the lowdown straight from the clients themselves: TokenMinds has been doing a stand-up job! It seems like TokenMinds is making a real splash in the world of crypto marketing. The feedback is super positive, with clients praising the impact and amazing results they've seen. In a nutshell:

First, clients love how smoothly things go with TokenMinds. But it's not just about the numbers. What clients really appreciate is how smoothly things go with TokenMinds. They love that TokenMinds listens to them, gets what they need, and works closely with them to come up with custom solutions for their crypto marketing needs. It's like having a reliable friend who always has your back and is ready to help.

When it comes to crypto marketing, TokenMinds has got it all covered. They offer a complete package that includes PR strategies, influencer marketing, and other effective techniques. Clients are amazed at how TokenMinds navigates the complex crypto world and achieves real, measurable results.

According to them, TokenMinds has also helped bring in many new members and create engaging social media interactions that stand out. They know the importance of building a strong online presence, and they excel at it.

In summary, clients are extremely happy with TokenMinds' work. They appreciate the smooth communication, collaborative approach, and outstanding outcomes TokenMinds delivers. With their wide range of crypto marketing solutions and the ability to achieve tangible benefits, it's no wonder clients are thrilled with the results TokenMinds brings.

The Final End: What I Have to Say About TokenMinds

From this, I learned that TokenMinds did a great job promoting the client in the crypto community using different media and influencers. What impressed me most was how well TokenMinds connected with the target audience, communicated clearly and built a strong community. This testimonial confirms that TokenMinds is a reliable choice for effective PR. Both parties are excited about building even stronger communities together. TokenMinds should feel proud of this recognition and look forward to more success in the future.

These stories show us the tangible benefits of the clients’ partnership with TokenMinds. They have experienced substantial growth in their social media presence and increased organic members and investor interest. TokenMinds’ commitment to meeting deadlines has been commendable, ensuring timely deliverables. Clients have also valued TokenMinds’ ability to cater to their specific requirements, as they seamlessly adapt to their needs. Overall, clients express high satisfaction with their partnership with TokenMinds and its positive impact on their businesses.

Similarly, clients have seen remarkable results with TokenMinds. Their impactful airdrop campaigns and engaging social media strategies have made a difference. The transparent and realistic communication from TokenMinds has been highly valued by clients, ensuring alignment and clarity. TokenMinds' expertise and dedication have significantly impacted their clients' success.

The collaboration with TokenMinds seems to be a game-changer for the clients. With their social media following, organic member count, and investor interest, everything took an upward turn. It was like asking for a customized burger and getting it delivered just right, with all the toppings you requested. That's the level of satisfaction clients expressed after teaming up with TokenMinds.

TokenMinds has established a reputation for its exceptional services. TokenMinds is getting some serious love from its clients, and it's not hard to see why. Clients appreciate how TokenMinds keeps it real and transparent, earning their trust and making them feel confident in their collaboration. They also value TokenMinds’ proficiency in PR strategies and influencer marketing and the ability to create strong connections within the crypto community. TokenMinds' unique approach, innovative ideas, and commitment to steady progress have undoubtedly made them a preferred choice for those looking to impact the digital realm. They know what they're doing!