Review G: Community Management and NFT Pricing Strategy

The Review:

“Working with TokenMinds was nice” 

Experience working with TokenMinds was nice in general. There were a 6 ppl team allocated for our project. They managed our community and social media really very well with good amount of engagements. Thanks to Kenneth, we kept running different community events to keep the hype on til the NFT sale. We encounter problem with the complains from community the price for NFT set too high and decided to decrease like 20% and sold around 70% finally. Not so ideal but we understand this totally since this market bearish.

S Wangg

My Analysis:

TokenMinds is good at managing online communities and keeping people active on social media. They have a clear plan and know how to get things done. Kenneth from TokenMinds did a great job. He set up events that kept people interested and excited about the NFT sale. This is important because a happy and involved community can help make a project successful.

However, there was a challenge with how much the NFTs were initially priced. Pricing is tricky, especially in the NFT world, where prices change quickly. Some people felt the NFTs were too expensive. TokenMinds listened to this feedback and lowered the price. This move helped, and they sold 70% of the NFTs. The market wasn't doing great then, so this result was okay. The client knows that sometimes things outside our control, like the market going down, can affect results. It's good they understand this. In this way, TokenMinds is good at what they do. They listen to feedback and make changes when needed. They work hard for their clients and are a solid choice for anyone in the NFT business.

TokenMinds Reply:

“We are truly grateful for the feedback from our esteemed client. Community management and engagement are at the core of our services, and we're thrilled to know that our efforts, especially Kenneth's initiatives, were well-received. We acknowledge the challenge faced with the NFT pricing and appreciate your understanding of the bearish market. Adaptability is key in this dynamic industry, and we're glad we could make the necessary adjustments to achieve a positive outcome. We value our partnership and are committed to continuous improvement and excellence.” The TokenMinds Team

Final Words:

TokenMinds has shown that they are both very good at managing communities and quickly adapt when things go wrong. They are different because they can change their methods based on customer comments and take the initiative to interact with customers. Despite some issues with the NFT's pricing, they gave prompt, thorough responses. They genuinely seem to care about their clients and the company in general. I am sure they will continue making big steps forward in the NFT market.